Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Reno@St George Lane - bathroom tiles | marble subway tiles

marble subway tiles!

Reno@721B Maisonette - Seating bench

haha! now that some of the huge carton boxes have been moved away, we can take a quick photo of our seating bench! Has the same laminate as the shoe cabinet on the outside if you can remember. It's more of an industrial look and feel that the homeowners want to achieve here.
another shot of the kitchen "bar"

The reno is completed here, now leaving some defects to clear. Hopefully we can arrange for a home photoshoot soon!

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Reno@718B - Bathrooms and Kitchen

Reno@718B - Fresh coat of paint!

let me tell you this...this looks so so so different from what it used to be!! I was here just a week ago to see our Bedok Maisonette and so I popped by here together with our contractor and 2 of my boys. Although it was spacious as it was originally but it was dark and know what I mean...when most renovations will go through the dark and warzone phase.

BUT today!!! The whole place is whiter and brighter and it even gives a sense of "cleanliness" even though the windows are not open!

 new windows are all up, giving a great contrast against the white washed walls.
 neat electrical wirings all lining up along the ceiling edges.

The air con trunking are all runned up too. Had some issues about how it was run, so hubs got to settle with our air-con contractor again later. We always strive to be better, so reviews are good but don't bully us please! Sometimes things have to be done in a certain way while we try our best to do every home owner's wishes.


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