Friday, December 29, 2017

Reno@St George Lane - Updates on kitchen

 Black and white kitchen. Glass backsplash in black glass.
Black granite countertop with white cabinets.

they even managed to find a black fridge.

Reno@St George Lane - Study table and tv console

 above: small box up (under window) to flush with protruding wall

One ID was telling me the other day. "Actually it is better to design with a column in a room than a totally flat room!" He continued to say " if there is a column then it gives me an opportunity to build a cabinet to flush that space with the column, if there is no protruding walls or columns then the cabinet becomes the sore thumb sticking out from a flat wall!"....

aaahhh... i see what he means.

Reno@St George Lane - Bathroom looks pretty cleaned up!

Reno@St George Lane - It's CLEAN UP day

as we approach a new year, contractors are also busy trying to hand over their newly renovated flats. 
A new beginning for new home owners!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Reno@McNair II - update photos on the bathrooms

 photos of the 2 bathrooms cleaned up

Reno@McNair II - Painting done!

Hello there!
hope everyone's christmas went well with lots of merry making and time spent with loved ones. We had a really good weekend with lots of catching up with university friends, colleagues and relatives. It was a season of giving, and I felt so loved from all the well wishes and presents from my colleagues!!

My children enjoyed their part of receiving presents, having grandparents over for xmas dinner and lots of fairy lights in the house.
Will post some photos of our xmas separately in my other blog. So pop over if you are free!

Right, back to our renovation at McNair BTO II.
Due to festive seasons, contractor has so many projects ongoing so things tend to slow down a bit. But some contractors have so few projects. From what I see and gather, the competitive pricing contractors are getting most of the projects and tend to deliver slower due to a high demand. And the normal priced contractors get left out and end up with lots of time on their hands.

and yes we are really happy to see that the walls are painted! Can't wait to see the carpentry going up next.

Just for sharing: Paint colour - Dulux Stone Harbour
above: half height accent wall paint. Had to explain more to a normal uncle contractor who hasn't done anything like this before!

Just for sharing: Paint colour - Dulux Mosaic Grey
Just for sharing: Paint colour - Dulux Waterwall

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Reno@718B - Sneak Peaks (A Paw Friendly Home)

it's Boxing Day and today we are featuring sneak peeks at our recently completed resale flat reno! Home owner has 2 dogs so the home has to be pet friendly, easy to maintain because of their shedding fur and of cos spacious enough for them to roam around.
For flooring, we chose vinyl flooring which is flat, no grout, easy to clean, mop, sweep fur etc. It is also quite hardy and because of its random pattern, if the darling dogs scratches the floor, chances are it will not be as visible as real wood like parquet. Vinyl wood looking flooring like this also gives a warm look to the home.

Sometimes tiles and even vinyl flooring can be slippery for older 4 legged friends, so carpets will provide some slip resistance for them.
Paw friendly fabrics like PU leather for sofa will be easy to clean and a blue colour will surely differentiate their doggy hairs against your sofa.
Outdoor balcony - a place for plants and an area to relax and look out. Strong flooring like tiles are used here for easy maintenance.

Spacious living - Lounging area in front of shoe closet and even the dining table has areas for the dogs to lounge around too.
 Organic Wood Dining table is from Grey and Sanders. Makes a bold statement in the dining room and defines this space from the living.
 above: Dining area
Kitchen has loads of storage area for human and pet food! Will post a separate one on her food larder where she is most pleased with! Home owner has a penchant for cups and teapots and saucers. Love her collection of cups from Marimekko!!! I'm a fan of this Finnish design too.

above: Just outside the kitchen penisula island has room for daybed and floor area for her dogs to roam around too.

above: Master room with ensuite. Kept to original size so that the living, dining and kitchen can be spacious for her pets to roam around.


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